FAQ about The Yard

Where is the yard?

Down the street from your house, aka 107 S Church Street, McKinney, TX, 75069

WHo should go to the yard?

Literally everyone. The whole family. We've got lots of seating and even more space to run around.

will i have to do any yardwork to maintain the yard?

No Yardwork Required. This is the first time in history you can hang in your yard and never touch a lawn mower.

ARE there any food or drinks?

Is this a serious question? Our tagline is simply "Eat, Drink, & Play Outside". We were hoping to avoid this question when we came up with this tagline.

Can I bring my own ping pong paddle?

As long as it's ITTF approved, you've got our blessing.

do you take reservations?

No need! You’ve got the whole yard to eat, drink, & play outside! Right now we’re a first-come, first-serve casual destination.


We love pets as much as you do, but right now they have to stay at home. Stay tuned for updates on an area just for pets to align with our phase II outdoor bar construction.

Any other questions?

Call Us and we'll answer them: (469) 631-0035