FAQ about The Yard

do you take reservations?

We do not offer reservations at this time! Right now we’re a first-come, first-serve casual destination. You’ve got the whole yard to eat, drink, & play outside!

Where is the yard?

Down the street from your house, aka 107 S Church Street, McKinney, TX, 75069

WHo should go to the yard?

Literally everyone. The whole family. We've got lots of seating and even more space to run around.

will i have to do any yardwork to maintain the yard?

No Yardwork Required. This is the first time in history you can hang in your yard and never touch a lawn mower.

ARE there any food or drinks?

Is this a serious question? Our tagline is simply "Eat, Drink, & Play Outside". We were hoping to avoid this question when we came up with this tagline.

Can I bring my own ping pong paddle?

As long as it's ITTF approved, you've got our blessing.


We love pets as much as you do! We’re now a pet-friendly restaurant.

Any other questions?

Call Us and we'll answer them: (469) 631-0035